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Looking for service for your Four Stroke Engine & Generator Service?

Dawar Wafi Pumps Rep offers an exchange system with a stock of Four Stroke Engine Parts that can be dispatched and made available to our customers within 24 hours. The company has excellent experience in servicing, repairing, and maintaining Cylinder Liners, Cylinder Covers, Connecting Rods, and Piston Crowns.

Most of the time, a worn-out or damaged cylinder liner or cover, connecting rod, or piston crown can be fixed for up to 75% less than purchasing a new one. Even better delivery times and improved life cycles are possible as compared to brand-new components from the manufacturer!

Our mutual success depends on our capacity to be accessible and act quickly. We can also offer to fix parts that are frequently classified as non-repairable. The majority of common issues can probably be fixed in our workshop, and there is always a 24-month liability for flaws and shortages.

To keep the engine in good working order and achieve low fuel and lubricating oil consumption, routine engine maintenance is crucial. This is also a more affordable option than partially or entirely renewing.

We provide servicing, repair, and maintenance for all four-stroke engines, and our staff of factory-trained experts is available to our clients 24 hours a day.

The following components are available for repair and reconditioning through the engine component division:

Long- and Short-term Benefits