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Do you need service for your Turbocharger?

An essential component and requirement to keep your engine operating is the turbocharger. This is why the majority of shipowners frequently make generous offers to buy replacement equipment after a breakdown.

All types of industrial and heavy equipments turbochargers we are capable for servicing and refurbishment.

A damaged or worn-out turbocharger can be easily repaired for up to 75% less than the cost of a new one. Even better delivery times and improved life cycles are possible as compared to brand-new components from the manufacturer.

At Al Dhafrah Pumps Rep, we focus on circular/sharing economy-based repair and service solutions based on “Waste Less – Lose Less” principle, and continuous optimization.

As a non-bios partner, Al Dhafrah Pumps Rep is advocating service and repair solutions tailored specifically to your requirement and requests, using our joint possibilities as an alternative to “just” procuring new expensive parts.

Availability and fast response are key to mutual success, and at the same time, we can offer

Our Turbocharger Service Include

Added services provided through our response and exchange program

  • Improving service by enabling programmed maintenance and emergency response
  • Reduce dependency from shore facilities
  • Avoid delivery time – as necessary parts are available on site
  • Plug and play solutions – complete units to be installed by crew
  • Risk reduction
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Elimination of expensive inventory